Doll Journey: Purpose

One thing that always resonates with me in my art is purpose.
I prefer to have a reason to make something,  for it to have a function or  a particular purpose.
It gives me motivation on a whole new level.
 Now this doll has its very own purpose, more than just materializing a vision.
The push to finish her and have her photographed and submitted by March first is ON.
I have 16 helpers making those feathers in 3 different shades from white to dark grey.
They will be given credit as those who helped give her wings.
Here is my progress.

It is not the most recent bit of progress but you can already tell how much more quickly I am working when there is purpose.
The most recent progress has most of this thigh top and bottom done.
I love the pose of the feet in this picture.
I am feeling confident that this can be done- thanks to the other ladies.


Meena said…
that's so nice! by the way, i'm a new follower, and hope someday you'll follow mine too!

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