Doll Journey: Timing

If there is anything I have learned about beading, it is how much time it really takes to accomplish something. After all, the main reason I pursued beading was because it consumed more of my time, which slowed ME down. I naturally zoom through life and that is NOT always a good thing.
I have learned to pace myself or to set realistic goals when something needs to be done.
What exactly HAS to be done by WHEN?
I decided that both legs needed to be beaded by the 18th so that I can bead the back and arms just before putting on the wings and feathers. Somewhere in there, the hair has to be figured in.  I am still up in the air on that one because it will catch on everything but  then again so will the feathers.
I am almost done with both legs! I am going to stick my neck out to get some of the back done before I crash tonight. I am going to need a little leeway for the hair and or feathers.
Here is how it looks to this moment.
Just a little more to do under on the back of the calf and at the knee.

Nearly there!

This isn't the most recent, but it shows the flow of the scrolls so nicely!

 Here are the first 7 packages of feathers to arrive.
The ladies from BeadDreamz (and DBS) have graciously donated a bit of their time to give this doll wings to fly. Each package here contains more feathers than I initially asked for. They beaded until they couldn't bead anymore. One lady even beaded all but the last 4 15's onto a feather because she totally ran out of beads at that point! (Thanks Debra you rock and have a great sense of humor!)

I can see her done! I cannot wait until you can too!


Catherine King said…
Well Sister Rolanda, you put out the call and it was answered. We are following your progress to the end and I can't wait to see her complete. It is inspiring.

Catherine in Florida
Ralonda said…
Thanks you so much for your time and skill Catherine! Blessings, Ralonda
That looks so amazing!

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