Finishing up

I am ready to finish the Deneen's necklace tomorrow- well actually today. It has taken up far too much head space and I will have a nice new necklace that will match everything denim and then some. I have fringe to do on the ends and then I will post pics for all to see that it is very different than the "Deneen's Necklace" class that I took from NanC last month. I am sure no one will mind that I -yet again- chunked the directions and just did my own thing. In my defense- not like I need to defend a deep seated tendency to be different- I did follow the instructions and came out with the desired results, according to the directions given, however, it simply did not appeal to me as it was. It  didn't feel right for me. It lacked a bit of fluidity to appeal to my senses. 
Oh well you will see it soon...


Carol said…
teasing us or building anticipation?!? LOL

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