More Fish!

You ever seen a fish on your hook this big? Me either, I leave the fishing to this great man of mine!
I know I should be showing beading pictures or something but really-
this is more interesting than that mess on my table right now!
Thanks for visiting- there will be beads and things soon I promise...
but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this.


Lidia said…
Great fish! Only fish I seen that big have been off shore! Hope you enjoy it - looks yummy.
Bellesanbeaus said…
thats a huge fish!!!! if thats the one he caught...i dont want to see the one that got away!!! lol good catch! Beth
Boy you really do grow em bigger in TExas! Is that a cat fish?
Ralonda said…
Yes it is a catfish but a specific species commonly referred to as a yellow cat or flathead. They grow in many rivers- some in the Amazon river have been known to weigh close to or even over 100 pounds. My husband prefers these because they are predators and not bottom feeders- the meat tastes much cleaner!

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