New Design Ideas

New Design ideas are flying in my head. They are all fighting for attention. In the book (Art and Fear) I am reading, I have learned that we tend to lean (or should lean)  towards practices that make us more productive. My productivity has come at a great cost to my environment. I am in a dire need to CLEAN. I know you hear it all the time that artists are naturally messy and live in certain state of chaos. This is largely true for me though I can only take so much chaos before my production is shot in the foot by irritation. I get into this "super mode" where everything I see and touch must be cleaned and reorganized. It is only then that I can rest and create. The only other time this mode surfaces is when I am in a calms me down. I am on the downside of this mode and am taking a little break to share the last thing I created before I went into this  frenzy.

I introduce to you Mr. Praze, my newest beaded "doll". He prefers to be called a necklace.
He is a blast to have hanging around, and is a very colorful soul.

Thanks to Carol-Anne for the bumpy beads- she gave them to me when she taught me a technique a while back (I forgot or even never knew, the official name of it.)

When I sit down to create, I usually have a song in my heart and I just go to town. I stayed up late making Mr. Praze because I just enjoyed being caught up in the moment- the now. There was peace and joy and a little dance in my spirit. I initially thought of making him a fridge magnet, but I like him as a necklace- what do you think? Would you wear him as a piece of jewelry?


Gypsy said…
he is adorable as a necklace! Fun, colorful, and beautiful!
Carol-Anne said…
Ralonda, you crack me up! When I saw the yellow and blue beads at the top of the photo I was thinking mmmmm . . . I think I have beads like that! Duh!! Love it!

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