Holy Cow!

See all that great green grass? Yeah, I do too.

 So why does this cow think it needs to graze on my 10ft X 60ft concrete porches and devour all three of the pompoms on top of my Dracanea. The very house plants that I sheltered all winter in my lil livingroom so that I might enjoy them for another year on the porch?
Oh and the little white oak trees that my husband picked the acorns up from a place in Georgia when he was there for the first time in his whole life. Some people pic up souvenirs my husband picks up rocks and seeds. We have been taking good care of those little oaks  in our house all winter! It looked more like a green house in our kitchen and livingroom than anything else! Well it is little mishaps like these that allow you to eat the cute little guys when all their cuteness wears off and they weigh over a ton!
If this makes you giggle then good- I will catch  up to you after I sweep all the potting soil off  the porch and get evrything repotted and see if they actually live.


Gypsy said…
They will come back better than ever!! Must have tasted like dessert...LOL! Thanks for the giggles, Ralonda!

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