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The picture on the header of my blog is a view from the sliding glass door if you were sitting across from me at my desk. A great view for my guests. My desk is in the middle of my house so that I can monitor the kids coming and going and even playing outside in the yard. I have a perfect perch to keep up with all the happenings at our family computer and the tv in the living room. My kids do not get a way with much when I am at my station!
I live on family land that stretches over 300 acres. My grandfather was a dairyman in his younger days and bought this land over 50 years ago. It has been the foundation of everything good in my life and I hope to pass down those roots to my kids. Almost all of my grandparent's decendents live here and even decendents of my grandfather's brother live on adjacent land. We all live here, aunts, uncles, cousins even down to great grandchildren (my grandparent's great grand children.) We are a community that happens to be related. We work for the same companies and go to the same churches. We even build each others houses!
My cousin's husband had been here everyday to help my husband build our house- even brought some of the materials! My great uncle's son and grandson and great grandson even built another one of my cousin's house. My son goes and helps his great aunt and uncle with their landscaping for a homefront they are building here tooo. Another cousin is planting rows of vegetable's along side our 85 year old grandma's veggies. We truly work together as a family here.
I hope you are encouraged to get connected with your family and take care of each other.
I will post a pic of the progress of our house so that you can follow the "barn-raising" too.


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