Wednesday's woes.

Yesterday was a tough day. I had water puddle at my feet when I went to run the water to wash my husband's overalls for work. (That is standard country boy work attire @ my house!) Boy was I unhappy... I told my husband, dreading the the "what now" comment that I usually get. He was so cool about it! He even bought a new dryer to match, since it was kinda going south too. He even apologized that they are not the ones we had hoped to put into our house we are building. They would have been 2x what we paid for these. Those dollars need to go into the building right now. We are building our house DEBT FREE. No loans or financing. We have been BLESSED, I tell you, just BLESSED. I have to say the woes are worth the reward. My new washer washes larger loads faster, and the dryer too. No more waiting for half an hour for the drum to fill on the rinse cycle-- or listening to the dryer squeek everytime it makes a revolution. I am just so thankful to be able to go and get the new stuff without worrying if the car will make it and if we can afford it or having to track down somebody with one we can afford and wondering how long it will work. When My husband was putting in the units, I noticed that we were even working well together. That was a huge blessing too. My family doesn't "often work well with others".
Here is the photo of my latest altered art exploration. It was a stainless fork. Now it is a pendant or key chain. It sports beads from Pat around the face and some swarovskies and even some turquoise (stabalized I think) The "window frame" discreetly shows the most profound biblical truth that I know. John 3:16 ( for those of you who are interested)
On that note , I am one proud mamma to be telling you that my oldest son will be baptized on Sunday morning. We have been through some tough ones with this kid and it is just proof that you must "train them in the way that they should go".

And Chris-- that project was a hoot- if you still have photos of that --BURN them! Just kidding. Look at how far we've come since then. I know the woes and rewards of homeschooling and letting those men lead. Fortunately for me my hubby is learning the 'we are one ' thing and is begining to partner with me more and more. It is nice to see you around town.

The sun is shining and my kids are almost ready for more instuctions. have a blessed day, and recieve those blessings he has ALREADY prepared for you!


Anonymous said…
...what did you cover/paint onto the fork (metal part)?Makes a nice
antiqued look/frame also!
Love your colors!
Chris said…
Ok, it ate my original comment, I think. Anyway. Congrats on the new appliances! God is so good!

I don't have any pics, unfortunately, but the project has become legendary around these parts. My kids have heard the story often, and we've borrowed the technique several times for April Fool's gags. Meagan would like to do so again this year, actually.

My old (I can say that because he really is! HAHA) man is finally beginning to step into his proper role around here. Only through God's grace, and I'm so thankful and excited to see what He has planned next. His plans are so much better than mine!! ;-)
JeanM said…
Sorry to hear about the washer but now you have new appliances!! I love love love your fork!!

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