The Hope

The one thing that has kept me going today was the hope that tomorrow brings. Tomorrow my oldest son will be baptized. He has been a stinker the past few days. He was off his diet and his meds.... it has its woes that will one day be overcome. I can be thankful that he has not injured himself, (or anyone else) except for the bruise on his arm where he tripped. He has been tripping alot. This photo is of him doing his school work at the kitchen table, I don't think he wanted to actually work that day. He is eager to work but gets so upset when I make him go back and DO what the directions say to. He doesn't always "get" what the directions mean even if I explain it to him. It is an association disability. He doesn't relate the directions to the actual actions. In time he will overcome this too.

I finished a project that I have been working on for several weeks today. For 12 weeks, I have been attending Prayer 101 at the Life University that my church provides. Our assignment was to craft a prayer from each one of the 13 Epistles of Paul. I had several prayers done, but I had to push to get the remaining ones finished. It was a blessed time, Leaning on Him. I learned alot and will have 13 scriptural prayers to speak into the lives of my family and others. They are all quite encouraging.--- did you know that it is scriptural for us to live a quiet life, mind our own business, and support ourselves? I knew these were good ideas to live by, but I had never seen them printed in the Bible before. All I can say is WOW. Anyway, I created a tag album on a ring to keep them handy. I will photograph and post it before I turn my assignment in to the teachers. The tags are very pretty and I hope that I will add to it or make another one with other prayers in it. Have a blessed day.


Noel said…
Your son is very luck to have a mom like you who loves and cares so much for him!

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