Oh Happy Day!

I have several photos to share with you.
My Easter Sunday was spent creating altered art with our contractor's wife. She is such a sweet lady, and a fast learner too. We created altered domino art. The geisha was the example I showed her and the frog and keyhole is the one I made after she left. She has two that she took home with her. One of them was for her son and it was made into a keyring.

I also want to share some special things that came in the mail over that past few days. The first thing to come in the mail was an RAK from Vicki B on the ATC connection group( Thanks to you again, Vicki)
Here is a photo of the vellum envelope stickers and the metal stickers, oh and the mini- clear stamps.

The second thing came in this morning's mail and it was some Great beads from Pat. -- Those beads are perfect for a project I am working on and I didn't have any of them already. (Boy are you good Pat! I bet you knew that I would use them on Willow, HUH?) I used some of them on a small project that I will post photos of later. My absolute favorite ones were the little bitty leaves. She sent me some little hand charms to but I seem to have hid them from myself at present. I am sure I will come across them soon-- Life has been kinda messy around here.
If you don't know Pat, you can visit her blog by using the link in my "links" section here. She also hosts the Comfort Doll project- which is how we met.

Not a great picture but it will have to do. I just wish I had those hand charms in there too---My photos are lacking a little light, my youngest son KO-ed one of my lights and I have yet to replace it. It has put a damper on the evening beading that I sooo love to do until beadtime. Maybe I will set that as a goal to take care of after school tomorrow.

Blessings to you and thanks for visiting my blog.


Pat Winter said…
Ralonda, I am so glad you liked the beads....a true bead lover..never met one you couldn't love. Aren't those leaves the best?
It looks like you had a fun mail day! Glad you enjoyed a happy Easter too.
Chris said…
I think I 'casted' your arm and leg a few years back in high school. ;-) If so, (and even if not!!) I must say I am so glad you are a believer!


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