Blogger Awards

I am here to pass on a special award to five of my blogger friends, just as it was passed to me my Sesga on Thank you Sesga for giving me this opportunity to honor those who have touched my heart with their design, creativity, interesting material, and their heart.

My first award goes to Dot Lewallen at She has connected me with some fantastic people at BAD and BDZ, and she has learned to put her heart into her beadwork (by beading things that are of personal significance). Thank you so much Dot you are such an inspiration.

My second award goes to Pat Winter at She has encouraged women all over to make a special little doll to send to comfort battered women at shelter's all over the nation and even abroad. What a beautiful encouragement to women every where to love and upift one another. Thank you Pat, you too have become a special friend!

My third award goes to Phyllis at always emails me such encouraging comments about my blog. Even though she has been unable to get them to post, she still takes the time to email me one. What a special proofreader you are, LOL. I alway love to hear from you even if others can't read your encouraging words. Thank you, Phyllis.

My fourth award goes to Monica Magness at Though we have never exchanged words or emails, I have visited her blog often and am always hearing of how she has touched the lives of so many of the people I do know. You are a hero to many women, Monica.

Now the fifth and final award goes to Rosalie at This lady holds a special place in my heart. She is always beating the odds of illness and coming out on top. She is blessed, talented, and loved by many. What a wonderful friend, she has a great sense of humor and a down to earth personality. Love you Rosalie.

There were many more blogs and people I would love to have honored but I was limited to only 5 and I count myself blessed to know more than five people who encourage and uplift me daily.

Right now for the instructions on your part all you Award winners
2 Each award must have name of author and a link to their blog .so everyone can go to visit their blog.
3 each award winner must display award and link to person which gave their award .(click on picture of award then save as )
4 The award winner and the one who has given the Award must show link to Artypico ,so everyone will know origin of award .


Pat Winter said…
Thank you Ralonda, I am honored by your nomination of this award. I will follow through this week. Smiles,Pat
Ralonda, you are a special woman! What great company you keep- Pat's doll project is an inspiration that's out of this world fabulous. Dot is a geniune GOOD HEART. Phyll is a riot and great friend to many. The Lord above all else is the best friend of all.

Thank you for stopping in and checking out my blog... I'm overjoyed to have crossed paths with you too! I cherish this award and say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

love & blessings, Monica :)

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