New work for Etsy

I am going to list all of my creations for my etsy shop here for a few days. I want to make sure someone doesn't "speak" for it before I go thru the listing process. Those PIF'ers feel free to tell me that "you want that" or I will be sending you a complete suprise!

Beaded doll is 3 1/2 X 11/4 inches- almost small enough to fit in a mint tin ( she is just too thick).

An alteredwire whisk with blue wire wrapped beads and a cross charm and a shrimp fork beautifully done with wild plum colored (dyed) blister pearls.

I have done forks-- how bout these spoons? More spoons to come after a few more experiments. Ihope you enjoy looking at all this neat stuff. They are available at the Craft Mall on the Square in Decatur Tx, on the north side of the the historical Wise County Courthouse. Seeing how I like to talk, I have the job of promoting the shop.
Have a blessed day!


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