Picture punnies

If you have read my posts,you know that I had trouble with my computer and camera not talking to each other. My hubby solved that by including the printer into the circle- unbiased third party, LOL. The printer has a port for my camera memory card-heehehe. I emailed a lady that I take photos and send to at the church and told her about my woes. When I managed to load the photos, I had to work out the settings to get them into the program I prefer to use. When the door is closed, a window is open. So I told her I had no problems climbing through windows. She emailed me back telling me that she was pleased that I was flexible as it was an important life skill to have. I tell you she is so punny! It is such a pleasure to help her out in her service to the church. It is a blessing to have such a wonderful church family.

Without further ado, I would like to show you the spoons I created- Last Week!

The dragonfly one has clear resin in it and the other two have a metalic addative to the resin. I hope to have these listed in my etsy shop soon.

I did get that "AHA" I felt creeping up and I will share that with you soon too. It will get done sooner if I get back to work on it now. Have a beautiful and blessed Day!


Heather said…
I love the dragonfly spoon. you are so creative!
Gufobardo said…
fantastic ideas, you are an artist! Stef...www.gufobardo.blogspot.com

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