Creative nap

I have had alot to keep up with lately so I think I have been on a creative nap so to speak. I have made several doll forms to send to other beaders, but not much else. I started the mermaid and.... I am not satisfied. I keep telling myself to keep going she will love it but... I just don't want to look at it! I think I will begin again, Mr Finigin. I have even drawn up several sketches for the BFAC project, and was pleased with first. If I wasn't so hard to please, I could breeze thru them all! I have just decided to take a lil break and work on something else.--- Like CLEANING! LOL Now that my house is clean for a little while, maybe I will get into a creative gear. I can sense something awakening, like an "AHA" moment coming.

I spoke with Rosalie this morning and had a great time. Thanks for the fellowship dear!

I had wanted to show you some photos of the spoons I finished, but my USB cable in not computing! GRRR.. technology. Guess I am going to have to buy a new one so my camera will moonlight with my computer.

I have been blessed with some quiet moments today and tomorrow is no school and no one is coming over- so I may get some real meditation time! If you don't take time to meditate on His word, it is hard to keep a good attitude. I have seen mine slipping lately so it is time to dig deeper in the Word!
Have a blessed day!


abeadlady said…
Sometimes we need that break to renew our muse. No matter how hard it is for me to bead, I never take it out on housecleaning. Yuck! No domestic diva here. LOL

Hope that AHA comes soon.


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