I Got it!

I got this big box in the mail today. My son brought it in and I thought it must be my husband's since I didn't order anything. Well, to my suprise, it was for me-- from Barbara J. OHHH I took special care opening it because I had no Idea what was inside. This was the PIF she sent me. The purple round container had some goodies in side it. Chocolate to lighten the beading spirit and everything you need (except the needle, I have plenty of those anyhow) to get going on a beady project ( beeswax, thread, beads, cabs, a button, a bead scoop and even some polymer face beads) not to mention a nifty container to take it all with you. That is not all she sent though. The PIF states to send something handmade, and she did. I saved the best for last! She sent me this doll and first it smells wonderful- Like the" ladies you know will be nice to you" and it is a very earthy scent. AND she must have sent someone to look at my house because it matches my decorum PERFECTLY! The greens and reds and oranges- and the feathers are great. The green wire really brings out the green in my peacock feathers. She has found her new home on top of the tv. I am sure she will be nurturing my family while they sit listlessly in front of the tube.
I am so blessed to have a beautiful doll made by such a talented artist. I will have to get better photos in the morning when the light is on the other side of the room. This photo does not show all the wonderful details as well as I had hoped it would, but I am so excited that I had to share it with all my blogger buddies. I have posted a PIF too (in a previous post) that still has room for someone to receive a handmade pretty from me as well. Barbara has set the bar high and I intend to keep it there. Many thanks to you Barbara I am just smitten with her. Did she come with a name?
Again I tell you, I am blessed!


Barbara said…
I'm so happy you like this PIF. I created her to make you smile and it seems like I did just that, so mission accomplished. Enjoy the little goodies too!

Pat Winter said…
What a wonderful PIF gift. I must get busy with my PIF, I almost forgot about it.

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