Laying low

I am working on yet another project that I cannot reveal until it is recieved. OhhHH but I want to! I am making the mermaid for my swap partner Gerri. I have been very tired this weekend and the weather has turned windy and cool- northern wind again. I should be bouncing around again soon.

I was blessed by the opportunity to take pictures at our Friend's Day at church. a lady came that I had wanted to invite but I didn't know how to contact her- I met her at the local skating rink. I noticed she was the because my cousin was talking to her and I went to give my cousin a hug. I looked over and.... there she was. She had received an add in the mail about our event!

My sweet husband was very kind this morning! When he made the coffee, he took out my special mug out of the dishwasher and set it in front of the coffee pot. This doesn't seem like much until you wrestle with the broken top tray of my dishwasher when you are still staggering around half asleep! It was very thoughtful of him. I say it all the time and I will say it again-- I am blessed! He treats me like a "princess".
Here is a remarkable photo of our house after all the braces were removed. This was the result of some of the concrete spilling over from the peak of the wall and it landed on one of the braces and the cross timber of the cross was where the brace was screwed to the wall with a "hat". This will be covered up by siding, but it will never wash off. It has stormed here several times and it is still there! It brings up some powerful emotions from joy to awe to sorrow for those who don't know what this really means!
What a Mighty God we serve!


Chris said…
Oh wow! How awesome is that? =) Love it! And totally...not washin' off! Uh-uh, no way. ;-)


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