Lots to share!

My post is going to contain the result of that "AHA" I received the other day. It will include some other photos from some of my favorite and not so favorite works around my house.

Here is a hand painted and beaded fabric square and pillow. After seeing Sesga's neat little table I thought I would share what my visitors see when they walk through my front door (most of the time) I am not proud of the mess I make, but I am often very pleased with what emerges from this pile! Hope you enjoy the creativity and are inspired to create your own (even if it only starts out as a mess, like my table!)
Have a blessed day, Remember that He chose you before the earth was even formed to go forth and bear much fruit!


abeadlady said…
Love what you did with the tree. Those leaves were a great compliment. All your artwork is inspired.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your creativity! I also homeschool my children. I'm still not sure what I am going to make in the mermaid swap. I have tried a few things and nothing has worked out right yet. I certainly am learning a lot, though!:-) Lori
Heather said…
I love the tree and your work table, it's good to know I'm not alone. *grin*
Anonymous said…
Hi Rolanda
you have a lovely work station ,I have no choice to keep my clean and tidy because its also the dining table. :(
your Workstation is exactly how I would like mine to look sooo! inviting !!
I love all your artwork ,I really admire your bead work ,I really struggle with beading for some reason .
Its amazing you get anything done with 2 kids to school .
love from sesga xx

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